I think Agent Hill has more than a few questions…

Also… Tony would like to know what’s happened to his stash of pizza and chocolate.

Another Icon Set!

I added a .png file so you can add your own background or color in a program like Photoshop or something. :)
Credit is not required, but appreciated. 
If you want it, here’s a code to post on your site:

<a href=”http://askthederpvengers.tumblr.com/”>Icon by askthederpvengers</a> 

Edits are fine. Just please don’t make them say anything hateful or derogatory. 

Or the alternative title according to my sister… “Coulson Never Sleeps”.

After I drew ‘How Nick Fury Wakes up The Avengers’, I got a lot of questions on who wakes up Fury… So here you go! :) 

Bonus gif:

Anonymous asked: “How are the Derpvengers dealing with the summer heat?”